A downloadable game for Windows

Submission for the Unreal Engine 2019 Spring Game Jam

Team Name: Lone Wolf Mode


Game Description:

In the ever lasting war between mortal creatures and sentient beings, fate or luck as some might call it, smiles upon those worthy of its judgement!

There has always been two sides of everything. Black & white, yin & yang, day & night, South & North. Battle your enemies and offer coin to the yods, if they are pleased with your deeds, they will surely answer!!


Mouse - Selecting & Giving Commands

R - Zoom in

F - Zoom out

Side Note!!

A small but game breaking bug was noticed after the upload. So here is the fixed version! 


Due to lack of time

Aside of the core chess mechanics.

Pawn promotion, en passant and castling was not implemented!

List of Pre-Jam Assets:

  • Music/Sounds - From Epic Games pack (Starter_Background_Cue, Starter_Music_Cue)
  • Environment/Architecture/Characters/Particles - From Epic Games Paragon (SunWukong, Countess, Minions, Agora and Monolith)
  • Props - From Dekogon Ancient Treasures (Golden Plate, Silver Coin)

Install instructions

A small but game breaking bug was noticed after the upload. So here is the fixed version! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hqsVJ4_putZvMfFjwC9KingnNJsEDMru/view?usp=shari...

No installation needed, just download and unzip anywhere you desire and run the


LoneWolfMode_DivineBattleChessArena.7z 224 MB

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